Baby Left in Street Leads Police to Grisly Crime Scene

Where is the weirdest place that you have left your baby? Don’t act like you have never done it! Even the most experienced mothers make mistakes some times. Have you strapped your baby in the car seat, then forgot them as you walked out the door? Have you been feeding your baby, the phone rings, you run out thinking that your husband will watch, only to find out he isn’t anywhere near the baby!? What about leaving your baby in the middle of the street?

Police in Worcester, Massachusetts were called around 11:56 PM on Saturday night when a motorist found an infant strapped in a car seat in the middle of Lovell Street! When Police and medical personnel arrived, they determined that the child was a baby boy. The boy appeared to be unharmed, but was transported to a nearby hospital for an evaluation just to be safe.

The police then began to search the area. A local resident spoke up and said that the child might belong to a woman living in a first floor apartment at 326 Lovell Street. When the police arrived at the apartment to investigate, they began hearing noises of a person in distress coming from the apartment! Police immediately entered. What they found inside was a grisly crime scene!

When the officers entered the apartment, they found two women, ages 18 and 36, as well as a man identified as 32-year-old Javier Maldonado, that was bound and gagged. The women were transported to the hospital from serious injuries and were both in critical condition. Maldonado was pronounced dead.

Authorities have yet to identify the two women. They did, however say that the younger woman IS the mother of the baby boy that was found in the road. The baby is healthy and has been placed in the care of the Department of Children and Families.

Authorities say that they do not believe the killing and assaults were random. They also said that they discovered drug activity inside the home.

While the police have not released the injuries sustained by the women, local media outlets have reported that they suffered multiple stab wounds. Both women are unconscious and are therefore, not able to make a statement to press or police.

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